Telephone Befriending

Since COVID-19 has put a hold on our usual services CACE have focused more on Telephone befriending as we realise that when people are being asked to stay in and isolate it can get very lonely and having a weekly phone call can really boost people's morale during these difficult times, We are looking to bring in some volunteers who can help by doing some of these calls so we can take on more as the need for them is apparent. 

If you or a person you care for are looking for a befriending call please contact us on our office number 01236 451393 and we can take down some details and pass it over to our befriending team to try and find someone who can make the calls. 

Community Escalation Routes

CACE have built up a database with organisations and community groups who are providing support to those in need in terms of food parcels, food delivery, prescription pickup and even walking a dog. if you are looking for support but aren't sure whats out there to support you phone us and we will try and refer you to an organisation or community led group that can provide the support you need. If we dont have what you need we will still take your details down as we are regularly looking for new groups that provide different types of support.



T: 01236 451393


CACE are a registered charity : SC022277