In this role you will drive the minibus that picks up our service users and takes them to and from their groups. You will work with the passenger assistant to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.


    In this role you will provide support to the group leader ensuring the smooth running of our groups. This includes serving tea and coffee as well as assisting those who need support to participate in activities. Groups last 2 hours unless its Daycare which runs for 5 hours a day 


    In this role you will be doing one to one befriending this could be visiting the home of the service user and chatting, playing cards etc or it could be as simple as telephone befriending it really depends on which you would like to do. We have a long list of people waiting for a befriender so we would be hoping to get you started as soon as possible.


T: 01236 451393

E: info@careatcace.com